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9th Year Anniversary Celebration

The Starjed Family will be celebrating its 9th Year Anniversary on April 24, 2011 with the theme: "Celebrating 9 Blessed Years: Brewed To Be God's Cup of Tea" To God Be All The Glory!

Saturday, March 12, 2011


It was not my first time to visit the place where people have been lawfully deprive exercising their basic rights for freedom because of some acts committed which is contrary to the norms set by human standard. They are individuals who hunger in exercising their innate freedom, which can be liked to a bird flying willfully in the serene cloudy sky after escaping from the small and lonely cage. They are our brothers and sisters in the detention cell who happened to be detained for a grave cause in search for authentic truth and justice. Criticism might be their surname but they are not as notorious as we perceive them. They have been detained because of their deviant behaviors but some of them are just victims of inequality as an effect of human fragility and therefore need our heartfelt concern.

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