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9th Year Anniversary Celebration

The Starjed Family will be celebrating its 9th Year Anniversary on April 24, 2011 with the theme: "Celebrating 9 Blessed Years: Brewed To Be God's Cup of Tea" To God Be All The Glory!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Our Mission - HuFED

To evangelize the human resource of Starjed and those who come in contact with them. To let them feel, understand and see the holy and living presence of God in the world, in the workplaces and in the lives of all.
Facilities / Services
The HuFED is designed to provide growing interaction processes between the spiritual aspects of each employee to its human formation. It aims to strengthen the moral, personal and spiritual formation of the employees and develop in them a sense of commitment, passionate to self-discipline and passion in prayer. It follows a well-organized program that includes a process of learning to the personal and spiritual growth of the employees.
A. Starjed Formation Center
It is located at the fourth floor of the Corporate Office Building. A place of informative and meditative learning. The Formation Center serves as the venue of Conferences for all the employees to give them a real transformation towards a more humane understanding of their purpose and goal in life.
B. Chapel of Mercy: Wellspring of Strength
“Come to me who are tired from carrying heavy loads and I will give you rest” Matthew 11:29
An extension of the formation Center located at the Fourth Floor of the Corporate Office. A place of prayer, hence, an atmosphere of prayerful silence prevails not only during liturgical services but all times. At no time shall the chapel be used as a rendezvous other than its spiritual purpose.
C. Spiritual / Liturgical Readings
The HuFED as to its mission statement through its core value performs a buff of information for all the employees to read: Gospel Reflection; Saint(s) for the Day; Bible Quotes, Significant Liturgical or Religious Article and Reflection are posted for all the employees to have and put on wakefulness of the nearby situation.
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