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9th Year Anniversary Celebration

The Starjed Family will be celebrating its 9th Year Anniversary on April 24, 2011 with the theme: "Celebrating 9 Blessed Years: Brewed To Be God's Cup of Tea" To God Be All The Glory!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Here at Starjed

God has brought me to a brighter place
A place that I can call my home
A place where God’s love reigns

He never asked me to be someone else
He just wants me to be me
In this place I can be free

Here at Starjed
I know someone cares
Here at Starjed
I know I am loved for being me
I am inspired everyday
To glorify my God
Here at Starjed
He brought me purposely.

In this place I came to know His plans for me
Should never tire to lend a hand
Share my life, my time, my smiles

I’ll take care of everything He entrusted me
Be a positive influence
Faithful steward I will be

I may not be the best, the best among the rest…
Here at Starjed
God brought me purposely….
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